Hi! I’m Iva Veazey

So many people have been hurt or abused because of their sexuality, gender identity and/or alternative lifestyle, including myself. I came out and then returned to the closet for a time, before finally reclaiming my right to live my truth. Now I want to be a part of the healing force that empowers those in alternative lifestyles/sex styles to thrive in the life they choose.

Due to my background in Performance/Musicians Wellness Coaching, my studies at Sex Coach University, and my meditation certification and experience, I can offer strength and inspiration to those that want to step into their fullness. This is especially true if who you are doesn’t fit neatly into society’s predefined roles and rules regarding gender, sexuality, or love style. Developing self awareness gives you the strength to step into the world as a whole person, which gives you the power to live your gifts.

My dream and my goal is to be a safe and healing force in the LGBTQ+ community. I wish to assist others in finding their way into a new and more fulfilled life, without guilt or shame. I aim to be a powerful resource for the ever-expanding world of gender/sexuality diversity.


Self-transformation can be wonderful, but it can also be scary. I get it. Learning to live authentically is ultimately its own best reward, though, and I can help you through that process. My career path has prepared me perfectly for this.

I am a graduate of Sex Coach University, with a focus in LGBTQ studies. My desire to become a sex coach was inspired, in part, by “coming out” for the second time later in life (in 2014). As a result of that experience, I feel driven to assist others in finding their way out of programmed lifestyle expectations and into a freer, more genuine way of living and loving. My decision to become a sex coach is also due to a lifetime desire to work in the field of sexology.

I am a professional member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, a Certified Performance Wellness Coach, a Certified Transformation Meditation Instructor, and have over 30 years of experience in music education.