As members of the LGBTQ+ and GSRD* communities, we have more outlets and opportunities to express ourselves and be ourselves than at any other time in history. Yet there is still trauma, guilt, and some unique hurdles to get past in order to live our personal truth.

Do you long to be OUT and PROUD?

Hiding who we really are, holding back emotions, being what we think others expect of us–these can all negatively affect our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. If we identify outside the norm in terms of our gender, our sexual orientation, and/or our preferred relationship style, it can be difficult to create intimate relationships with ourselves or others.

I often hear stories of people that feel too different and alone in the world, of LGBTQ+ suicides that could have been prevented with more support, of questioning individuals that give up and let others decide their path in life, of gay or lesbian couples that struggle with homophobic environments, of non-binary people struggling with having been bullied or worse in their past.

It’s so important to normalize our sexuality and gender identity. Community, religion and school environments can often take us away from our desires and feelings. We all deserve to live a fulfilling life, which includes our sexual desires, our feelings on the nature of our gender, and our right to choose who we want as a partner or partners.

Many of us need assistance to become empowered to live our own personal truth. With compassion and care, I offer that assistance to those that want to transform their lives.

Do you want to examine and overcome the fear of being who you really are?

Would you like to improve your communication skills with your partners, your family, and your community?

Do you dream of standing tall and owning who you really are without fear?

Do you wish you had the courage to live life the way you know you’re meant to live it?

Do you struggle with accepting your body?

Do you wish to release your sexual inhibitions or enhance your capacity to experience pleasure?

Are you questioning your gender, or your sexuality, or your lifestyle and wish you had someone you could talk to? Someone nonjudgmental and compassionate and understanding, who gets all of these things and can help you figure out what’s true for you?

If any of these ring true for you, then reach out. I’m here for you and I can help you find balance and acceptance within yourself and the confidence to live out loud, passionately and unapologetically.

*GSRD = Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity

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